ActiveWAFL Crash Course

The WAFL Cones Ice Cream Shop, Version 1.0

7.2 Try out your new app

Open up your web browser and go to http://d.waflcones.tld (or whatever you specified when configuring the application).
If everything has gone well, you'll see the login page.

Wafl Cones main landing page

When you setup the database earlier in the course, a default user was created for the owner of Wafl Cones, Tom Thomas.
His login information is:
Full Name: Tom Thomas
Employee Id: 1

Login using Tom Thomas's credentials.
If the login is successful, you'll see the main menu.

Wafl Cones main menu

New Sale

If you click the New Sale button, you'll be taken to the new sale screen, similar to the following.

Wafl Cones new sale screen

On the new sale screen, click the Add Item button to add a line item to the sale.
Once you're done adding items, you can process the sale.
If the sale is successful, you'll be shown a popup with the amount of change due.

Go ahead an explore the application.
You can add, edit, and delete employees and ice cream flavors.
You can also view reports, which includes bar graphs and tables, about the inventory and sales.

Here are a few more screenshots.

Wafl Cones admin menu
Wafl Cones flavor management
Wafl Cones report menu
Wafl Cones employee management
Wafl Cones sales by flavor report
Wafl Cones sales by employee report

Excellent job!
You have now completed the Wafl Cones crash course.

Go to the final page in this course for tips on the next steps in your ActiveWAFL education.