ActiveWAFL Crash Course

The WAFL Cones Ice Cream Shop, Version 1.0

1.1: Introduction

This example-based crash course will teach you the basics needed to begin developing in ActiveWAFL.

Tom Thomas owns an ice cream shop called WAFL Cones.
We will develop a simple application to help Mr. Thomas run his business.

Mr. Thomas has provided the following requirements:

  • Keep track of how much of each flavor of ice cream we have
  • Keep track of how much of each flavor of ice cream we sell
  • Keep track of which employee makes each sale
Assume we hired a Data Architect to create our database, which is called waflcones.
The Sql script to create the waflcones database can be downloaded here: WaflCones.sql

There are four tables: Employees, Flavors, Sales, and SaleItems.

EmployeeId int
FullName varchar
FlavorId int
Title varchar
OuncesInStock decimal
PricePerOunce decimal
SaleId int
EmployeeId int
SaleDate int
Price decimal
SaleItemId int
SaleId int
FlavorId int
Ounces decimal
Price decimal

Every time that there is a sale, we will add one row to the Sales table. We'll also add one or more row to the sale items table, depending on how many WAFL cones were sold in that particular transaction.

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