ActiveWAFL Crash Course

The WAFL Cones Ice Cream Shop, Version 1.0

7.1 Finish the remaining web pages

There are eight more pages in the Wafl Cones application.

Download the remaining files

You can download all of the remaining files here.

Remaining Pages

For each of the remaining pages, there is a Presentation Template (.tpl), a Presentation Stylesheet (.css), and a server-side controller (.php).

The remaining pages are:

  • Administration/EditEmployee
  • Administration/EditFlavor
  • Administration/Employees
  • Administration/Flavors
  • Administration/Reports/Inventory
  • Administration/Reports/LandingPage
  • Administration/Reports/Sales
  • Administration/Reports/SalesByFlavor

Download the above .zip file which contains all of these files.
Extract the zip file and place the extracted files into your Wafl Cones application, taking care to put them into the correct directories.
The structure of the zip archive matches that of the Wafl Cones application.

At the end of this course, you'll also be given a link to download the entire, complete, Wafl Cones application source code.

That's it...You've completed the ActiveWAFL crash course. Congratulations!

Next: Bask in the glory of your efforts and take the new application for a spin!