ActiveWAFL Crash Course

The WAFL Cones Ice Cream Shop, Version 1.0

2.2 Application Definition

The application was pre-configured already, so we shouldn't need to make any changes to it's definition.
For reference purposes, or if you decide to make changes, the application and it's high-level settings are defined in  the file Application.syrp in the application's root directory.

Application.syrp for the Wafl Cones Demonstration Application
  1. Application
  2.     Name                    =   "Wafl Cones Ice Cream Shop"
  3.     Guid                    =   "WaflCones"
  4.     RootNameSpace           =   "WaflCones"
  5.     SiteArea                =   "MainSection"
  6.     Timezone                =   "America/Phoenix"
  7.     DefaultUserClass        =   \\Wafl\\Users\\User
  8.     DefaultUserGroupClass   =   \\Wafl\\Users\\UserGroup
  9. Paths
  10.     Application
  11.         ConfigFolder        =   "Config/"

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