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Default \ SharedSdks \ GoogleSafeBrowsing

The GoogleSafeBrowsing namespace.

This namespace is undocumented because it is experimental.



Quick Logger class. Completely replaceable with apache apache log4php or equiv http://logging.apache.org/log4php


Provides functions to interact with the Google Safe Browsing API by sending HTTP messages to download exists or perform lookups.

It does NOT do any parsing or constructing of requests other than basic URL stuff and processing of HTTP status codes.


Storage abstraction. Should be easy to remap this to any sql-based database in any language. This uses PHP's PDO, so with luck (and the right schema) you should be able to reuse in other databases under PHP.


Use the GSB API to pull down black and white listed URL's. Save the lists to a local database. It follows the specification to pull data in trunks, and throttle when server returns errors.

GSB_UrlUtil Static

Provides functions to "canonicalize" URL's based on the Google specification.


There are no server-side interfaces in this namespace.



Base exception for the GSB package

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