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DblEj \ Communication \ Ajax

The Ajax namespace.

Create and respond to Ajax requests on the client (JS) and server (PHP) side. NOTE: The name "Ajax" is a misnomer since the default implementation is actually JSON over HTTP.




Represents an error while handing an Ajax request.


Encapsulates the information needed to handle an HTTP JSON request.

Use the static factory method AddAjaxHandler() to get an instance of this class.

When a request is receievd, use the static method LoadByAjaxFunctionName() to load the correct handler for that request.

Use the instance method HandleCall() on the handler to handle the request.


Encapsulates a string to be sent to the client in response to an Ajax/API request.


There are no server-side interfaces in this namespace.


There are no server-side exception classes in this namespace.

Child Namespaces

There are no namespaces beneath Ajax